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Proud of imaginPlanet

From our space, we want to promote a commitment to sustainability at this crucial time in history. We want to play an active role.


We have called this commitment imaginPlanet: a way to learn, improve and start to promote a more sustainable future, minimising our impact on the environment.


A journey brimming with initiatives, supporting projects by other travel companions and with tangible short-term results, which we encourage you to join because: we can only make it happen together.

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Imagine a better future

We have imagined the future. And we have imagined that if we want a better future, we will all need to be more responsible. Part of this responsibility is taking care of our home, our planet, and learning to manage it responsibly. We believe in this future and we want to take steps toward it now.

Our objective

imaginPlanet was devised to generate value by leading actions which cover social and environmental objectives. Our short and long-term commitment is governed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and targets outlined by the United Nations (UN) in its 2030 Agenda.


From a programme for companies and employees to make a bigger commitment as a group, plus the creation of an ecosystem of industry-leading partners and employees which share our values and objectives, to carry out actions which make sustainability a core part of decision-making.

We are now BCorp Certified!
imagin BCorp certified corporation

imagin is proud to announce that we are now part of the BCorp community. It is the only certification which measures companies' social and environmental performance.

The BCorp certification involves a comprehensive review of company activities to ensure that they comply with the highest verified performance standards. For example, it considers the supply chain and input material. Plus charity donations and employee benefits.

The BCorp community creates healthy competition between different entities, organisations and companies which share a commitment to the planet and social responsibility. This is a movement which aims to look beyond profits and generate a positive impact on society.



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Real problems. Real solutions

Our lifestyle is increasingly demanding on our environment.
We use more energy, generate more waste and emit more pollution.
We are using natural resources at a rate that the planet cannot match.