imagin&Go loan

Instant loan, 100% online. 1

What advantages does it offer?

  • Request from €500 1 and get the money right away.

  • Fast and easy, apply in just 3 clicks from the imagin app.

  • Up to 48 months to pay it back.

  • Apply from the imagin app.

Where to apply?

From the imagin app.

At any
CaixaBank ATM.

How can I take out the loan?

Open the app and calculate your loan.

Read and accept the T&C.

Confirm the conditions of the loan.

Receive the code via SMS.

Confirm receipt of the loan.


Open the imagin app, click on the products tab and ask for the loan.

Once the loan is approved and signed by the customer, the money is deposited into the account instantly and is available to use.

Not long. It depends on the requirements for analysing each loan. For example: If we ask the customer for documents (purpose, pay slips, etc.), we can’t analyse the operation until we receive them. In this case, it will depend on how long it takes to receive this information from the customer.

It’s the Annual Percentage Rate, a number that shows the annual cost of a financial product plus any additional costs, such as processing fees, the duration of the product and commissions.

It’s the Nominal Interest Rate, the fixed percentage of interest you must pay to the bank, but without considering any additional costs, so it can’t be used for comparison purposes.

Signing for your loan is super easy! In the section on loans, click on the icon shown in “Documents awaiting signature” and follow all the steps. You will also need the code we will send you via SMS to confirm your identity. If you don’t get it, you can also request it in “Receive code through call”. Make sure the number shown in your Settings is correct. If it’s not, please go to a branch so we can verify your new number.

Open the imagin app and click on the loans tab for information on your loans.

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