Home improvement
or moving loan

Get your loan to renovate or move home.

What are the advantages of taking out a home improvement-moving loan with imagin?

  • Apply for between €5,000 and €30,000. 1

  • Repay your loan between 6 and 72 months. 1

  • Calculate your monthly payment in under a minute.

  • Apply from the imagin app.

How can I take out the loan?

Choose the Home Improvement Loan from here or in the products section of the app.

Select the amount you want to finance.

Set the number of months to repay the loan.

Confirm the loan terms.

Confirm the loan payments.


Go to the imagin app, click on the Products tab and request your loan.

Once the loan is approved and signed by the customer, the money is credited immediately and is fully available.

As soon as possible. It will depend on the requirements requested for the analysis of each loan. For example: If any documentation is requested from the customer (purpose, salary, etc.) until the customer sends it to us, we cannot continue studying the loan. In this case it depends on how long it takes for the customer to send us such information.

The Annual Percentage Rate is an indicator reflecting the annual cost of a financial product, taking into account its additional costs, such as management, term of the transaction or fees.

The Nominal Interest Rate is the fixed percentage of interest you have to pay to the bank not including additional costs, so it will not help you to compare.

Signing your loan transaction is a breeze! In the Loans section, access the icon under “Documents Pending Signature” and follow all the steps. Plus, you also need the code we will send you by SMS to verify your identity. If you don’t get it, you can also request it in “Receive code by call. Check in your Settings that your phone number is correct. If the phone number listed is not yours, please go to a branch so we can verify your new number.

Go to the imagin app and click on the Loans tab to find out about your loans.

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