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12 commission-free

for the purchase and sale of shares during the first 6 months.

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From €1 to €3 per national and international transaction.
(Maximum purchase €6,000)

Analysts' opinion

For a catalogue of the largest companies in the EU and Europe.

Secure, uncomplicated

No payments or transfers to other brokers.

How to get started

imagin invest app

Create your investor profile.

Search and find your favourite companies.

Start the purchase or store it in your portfolio.

Portfolio performance.


Although the purchase or opening of files - the legal instrument that activates the investor profile and signs the custody agreement - is not allowed in the branch channel. The sale will be available online through the financial terminal.

The NOW file cannot be migrated to imagin. However, you can migrate the imagin file to NOW, but the advantages of the imagin rate will be lost.

No, imagin can only have a single file.

Legal ownership of the file is individual. Therefore, multi-holder accounts cannot be used as associated accounts to the dossier and will never be available in the contracting process.

There is no restriction. You can always withdraw your money whenever you want. Bear in mind that selling and buying depend on the liquidity of the market, i.e. whether someone sells or buys respectively.
After the sale is completed, the account will be updated within a few days to reflect the transactions. However, the changes will usually be visible much sooner.

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