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Protect yourself with imagin home insurance

Did you know that the most common home insurance claims are for water damage? So… Don't be a wet blanket, protect your home from the unexpected!

Why do you need our
home insurance1

  • Once a year, get your house in order with our free maintenance service! (taps, windows, blinds, etc.).

  • Extensive coverage to make sure water doesn't become a problem! (flooding, broken pipes, cracked sealing in tubs, etc.).

  • If your keys are stolen, we'll change the lock for you!

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Enjoy the best service

  • Emergency services2
    a specialist will visit you within 3 hours in the event of emergency claims.

  • Appointments with specialists3
    Get an appointment in 1 hour and a specialist will visit in 24h to assess the damage.

  • Appointment with claims adjuster4
    Appointments on the same day and visits within 24 hours.

  • Claims adjuster’s report5
    Receive the adjuster's report within 10 days for claims under €30,000.

  • Payment within 48 hours:
    Once all the documents are received, get paid in 48 hours.

  • Quality repair service6
    If you are not satisfied with the repair, we will send a specialist to review it.

  • Second opinion:
    If the claim is not accepted and you do not agree with the decision, we will review it.

  • If the commitments listed under “Appointment with specialist”, “Emergency service”, “Appointment with claims adjuster”, “Claims adjuster’s report” and “Payment within 48 hours” are not fulfilled, you can call 919 917 821 or 900 110 434 to request a review of these commitments and, if applicable, request financial compensation for €200. 7.

Take out the policy in just 3 steps:

Open an account or open the imagin app and in the Insurance section, select Home Insurance.

Tap the "Request free call" button.

Enter the time you want us to call you and press "Request call". We will contact you at the time specified.


If an incident occurs, you just need to call us on either of the following numbers: 900 50 50 40, 91 125 98 41 or 91 489 43 17 and we will immediately start the appropriate process, at any time of day or night, even on public holidays.

These are the details you will need to report the claim: policy number, date and time of the incident, description of the causes of the incident and place of the incident, as well as a contact phone number. Details relating to the affected party (third party) or person responsible, if any: insurance company, policy number, address, town and telephone number.

Never insure the property and/or contents for less than their as-new value since, in the event of a claim, this could lead to a significant reduction in the compensation for damages.

Imagine a property is valued at €42,000 and is insured for €21,000. This means that only 50 % of it is insured.

If an incident causes €18,000 worth of damages, the compensation would be for €9,000, meaning the insured party would only receive 50 % compensation.

You can contact SegurCaixa Adeslas at any of the following numbers:

24-hr hotlines:
900 50 50 40
91 125 98 41

To purchase a policy:
91 901 81 35

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