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If you're between 18 and 35 years old, get 90% financing for your
imaginBank mortgage * thanks to the Community of Madrid.

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Discounted mortgage

You need to have your salary paid
directly into your account

NIR: 3,50 % FIXED
AER: 3,980 % 1

Direct deposit your salary with us
and always pay the same:

€750.94 a month 1

Non-discounted mortgage

Without having your salary paid
into your account.

NIR: 4,25 % FIXED
AER: 4,745 % 2

Without having to bring your salary,
always pay the same:

€812.61 a month 2

Housing assistance
requirements in Madrid

You are of legal age and no older than 35.

You can legally prove that you lived continuously in the Community of Madrid in the 2 years before you apply for the financing.

It is your first home purchase and you can prove that you don't own any property.

The property is in the Community of Madrid.

It will be your primary and permanent residence for at least 2 years. And you can show that you have had a checking account in your name for more than 2 years.

The purchase price, without the expenses and taxes linked to the purchase, does not exceed €390,000.

Our imaginBank mortgage

Fixed rate

You choose the amount
and term of the loan.

Enjoy a discounted mortgage

Get the imaginBank discounted mortgage by having your salary paid directly into your account, it's that easy!

We will refund
the valuation fee

If you take out an imagin
mortgage, we will refund
the cost of the valuation.

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Steps to apply for a mortgage

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Once you know which mortgage suits you best, you will need to prepare the necessary documentation:

Valuation and signature

When we approve the study, we will value the property. You must then choose a notary for an interview and schedule a date for signing.

To apply for assistance from the Community of Madrid you will need to provide the following extra documentation*:

  • Original identity document.

  • Certificate of census registration for the last 2 years.

  • Land registry clearance certificate.

  • Land registry report from the Land Registry index.

  • Responsible declaration to occupy a property. Download document here.

*All original documents must be provided and notarised by the notary.


A discounted mortgage is, simply put, a discounted interest rate enjoyed by the user when a series of services or associated products are contracted with the banking entity. At Imagin, we only require you to direct deposit your salary with us if you want to be eligible for the discounted mortgage.

Your monthly payment should not exceed 40% of your total income.

Once you have sent your mortgage assessment request, we will need you to send us a number of documents to carry out the evaluation. The documentation required will vary depending on your employment situation. As it is a mortgage, you must also provide information on the status of the property.

Salaried employee

  • Tax ID.
  • Proof of income (last 3 payslips, rents, revenue, etc.) and employment contract.
  • Your last annual tax return.
  • Signed declaration of property or capital gains tax.


  • Annual VAT summary (form 390) and statements for this year.
  • Annual summary of personal income tax (IRPF) deductions and statements for this year.
  • Payment of business tax (IAE).
  • Last three social security payments and the payment of the quota for self-employed workers.
  • Annual statement of activities with third parties (form 347).
  • Certificate attesting you are up to date with social security payments.
  • Certificate attesting you are up to date with tax obligations.

Property documents

  • Supporting document of the Property Registration.
  • Last property tax (IBI) bill for the property to be mortgaged.
  • If necessary, certificate demonstrating being up-to-date with homeowners' association fees.
  • Property purchase and sale agreement or deposit contract.

Once you provide us with all the necessary documentation (personal documents, property and appraisal documents), after assessing your viability, we will be able to give you an answer in a matter of days.

This will depend on the schedule of the notary you choose. You will have to choose the notary to schedule the signing day and to receive advice.

Please note that, by law, once the ESIS (a binding document containing the mortgage conditions) and its annexes have been signed, you will have 10 calendar days, or 14 calendar days in Catalonia, to reflect on and review the mortgage conditions, before signing before a notary.

During the consultation, the notary will issue a certificate of compliance to be signed, and this document will state the date from which the contract can be signed.

As a minimum, you must complete the reflection period that applies in your case.

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