Dental insurance

A policy like this would make anyone smile!

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imagin dental insurance

  • More than 1,600 affiliated dentists and over 185 Adeslas Dental Clinics.

  • Get ahead of problems with our preventive dentistry (consultations, check-ups, cleaning, etc.).

  • Don't give up on orthodontics.

  • Apply 100% online from the app.

The most popular treatments

The most comprehensive coverage to take care of your smile.

Preventive dentistry
Check ups, annual cleaning...

24h/365 days

Diagnostic tests
Next generation diagnosis methods

Orthodontic treatment
Includes an orthodontics study, treatments, visits, check-ups, etc.

Includes invisible and lingual orthodontics.

Cosmetic dentistry
Digital smile design and aesthetic treatments such as teeth whitening.

Jaw problems
With a joint study, reviews, retainer, etc.

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An insurance policy that suits you

Your insurance also includes:

  • Fillings: keep cavities under control.

  • Dentistry and digital radiology: with next generation diagnostic methods.

  • Endodontics: the best treatments to restore damaged teeth.

  • Periodontics: taking care of your gums is key to dental health.

  • Prosthetics and implants: improve your bite and increase your quality of life.

  • Oral surgery: this treatment is for you if you need an implant or you have to undergo a dental extraction.

  • The insured person must pay the clinic or the professional directly for some dental procedures.

Take out the policy
in just 3 steps

Open an account, or if you are already a customer, go to the "Insurance" section of our app and select Dental Insurance.

Choose the payment method that best suits your needs.

Read the documents, sign them, and take out your insurance, 100% online.

Find your nearest dentist

Find the dentist and the dental clinic that best suits your needs.

See the dental network.

Search for the nearest dental clinic

You will be able to choose from over 1,600 affiliated dentists and more than 185 Adeslas Dental Clinics.


The duration of the contract is annual and will be renewed once the year has expired, unless you want to cancel it.

Download the imagine app and log in with your personal account at: Products > Insurance and contract it 100% digitally.

The excess or copayment means that the insured person must pay for part of the service, and the rest is covered by the insurer.

No, you can cancel it whenever you need to.

You'll have immediate access, without a health questionnaire or exclusion period, to all coverage and to any Adeslas Dental Clinic.

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