imagin credit card

Enjoy all the advantages it has for you
and pay for your day-to-day purchases at your own pace at the end of the month.

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Some things you can do
with this credit card 1

Your day-to-day purchases at no cost and interest-free (0% AER).

No issuance or maintenance fees. 2

Pay your purchases in instalments conveniently as you need. 3

Book hotels and rent vehicles without problems.

Enjoy excellent exchange rates when you shop abroad.

Pay in foreign currencies at no cost.

Withdraw cash on debit throughout the world without fees.* 4

*The entity that owns the ATM could charge you for its use.

A card where
everything is advantages

A card within everyone's reach. Paying right now is thing of the past.

  • Flexible payment: your purchases today are charged at the end of the month.

  • Enjoy greater agility: shop today and pay at your own pace over the period you choose.

  • Accepted in all types of shops, both national and international.

  • 100% digital experience: carry out any operation from the App.

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How does imagin credit work?

For your day-to-day spending

Make your day-to-day purchases more flexibly than with a debit card. All your purchases and payments will be charged to your account at the end of the month, interest-free (0% AER) and you will be able to pay all your bills on time and treat yourself to that little luxury you so wanted, without having to wait!

Pay later at your own pace

Let's imagine you want to buy an electric motorbike to get to work more quickly and spend that time on things that really matter. Now you can pay for it in instalments!


To pay in
12 months

NIR 20.40%
AER 22.42%

Total cost of credit (interest)

Total amount payable

Monthly repayment
(for 12 months)

Ideal for booking hotels
and renting vehicles

As your card is a credit card, you can travel conveniently without worrying about bookings or rentals. And you can pay what you owe over the period you choose.

Find all your purchases in an instant

From the Wallet you can see at any time:

  • Cards contracted.

  • You can activate or block a card or ask a new one.

  • Details of each purchase (date, amount, etc.).

  • Credit used.

  • Credit available.

  • Pay in convenient instalments.

  • Transfer money from your card to your account. 5

  • Download your card to your phone.

How can I ask for an
imagin credit card?

Download the imagin app.

Enter your personal and contact details.

From the app, go to the Wallet section.

Click on "Ask for another imagin card".

Select imagin credit and start the application process.

Got questions? We can help

We’ll explain in detail everything you need to know.

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