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What do imagin's insurance policies have in common?

Here are some features they all share.

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Life insurance

There is only one life. Protect yourself from the unexpected with our MyBox Vida insurance, now from €8.95/month. 1

  • Same monthly premiums for the first 3 years. 2

  • You can request 50% of the capital in the event of a serious illness, like cancer or a heart attack. 3

  • Double payout in the event of accidental death or absolute and permanent disability due to an accident. 4

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Home insurance

Whether you live rented or in your own home, always protected! 2

  • Once a year, get your house in order with our free maintenance service! (taps, windows, blinds, etc.).

  • Extensive coverage to make sure water doesn't become a problem! (flooding, broken pipes, cracked sealing in tubs, etc.).

  • If your keys are stolen, we'll change the lock for you!

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Health insurance

We take care of you and those who matter to you most. 2

  • One free annual health check.

  • Medical assistance abroad up to €30,000!

  • Show off your teeth with our Comprehensive Dental Coverage.

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Auto and Motorbikes insurance

Our car and motorbike insurance offers exclusive coverage to protect you on the road year after year and let you enjoy driving. 2

  • Exclusive cover to protect yourself on the road.

  • 24/7 Roadside assistance from the first kilometre.

  • Always choose the garage that best suits you.

  • Pay the same monthly price for the first 3 years.

  • Now covers motorbikes and vans for private use.

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Mobile phone insurance

Is your new mobile drop-proof? With our mobile phone insurance it is! 5

  • Accidental damage is covered: drops and water damage.

  • If it's stolen, we'll give you another one.

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Dental insurance

A policy like this would make anyone smile! 6

  • Free dental check-up.

  • Up to 49 different types of dental services at no additional cost.

  • More than 185 Adeslas dental clinics and 1600 professionals.

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Travel insurance

We take care of you when you go out to see the world!

  • Don't worry about medical, pharmaceutical or hospitalisation expenses. They are all covered!

  • It also covers travel cancellation, locating lost luggage and medication shipments.

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At imagin, we have a wide range of policies to cover all your needs, whatever they may be. We have home and rental insurance, car and motorbike insurance, health insurance to take care of you and your loved ones, life insurance, mobile phone insurance, dental insurance and travel insurance.

You can check what your insurance policy covers through the imagin app > Contract > Products. Access from here.

Every policy is renewed automatically every year, unless either party objects. You don't have to do anything.

Yes, you can currently take out our travel insurance by the day through our app, paying only for the days you need to use it.

The premium won't increase at all during the first three years of the policy. The maximum increase that the policy may undergo from the fourth year will not be greater than 10%.

You can cancel an insurance policy you have taken out with imagin in one of two ways: 

  • All policies have a withdrawal period from the time you purchase them (this period depends on the product). You can withdraw from the App > My profile > Settings > Withdrawal and cancellation of the Service > Select product > Choose the policy in question. 
  • If this period has elapsed, you can find the number to call to cancel your insurance from the App > Contract > Insurance > Select your policy > Manage it conveniently. 

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