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What do imagin's insurance policies have in common?

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Travel insurance Mobile phone insurance Card insurance Sports insurance Health insurance Dental insurance

Travel insurance

We take care of you when you go out to see the world!1

  • Don't worry about medical (including COVID-19), pharmaceutical or hospitalisation expenses. They are all covered.

  • It also covers travel cancellation, locating lost luggage and medication shipments.

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Mobile phone insurance

Is your new mobile drop-proof? With our mobile phone insurance it is!1

  • Accidental damage is covered: drops and water damage.

  • If it's stolen, we'll give you another one.

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Card insurance

Say yes to card purchases, and no to surprises with imagin & Buy card insurance!1

  • If you buy something and then find it cheaper, we’ll refund the difference. (It has to be a product with the same characteristics, limited to €300, within 30 days of the original purchase).

  • If you don’t receive it, we’ve got you covered. (Limited to €300).

  • We’ll refund up to 80% of the cost of tickets to shows and concerts if they’re cancelled. (Limited to €300).

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Sports insurance

Play any sport without limits with the Yolo2 pay-per-use insurance.

  • Only take out the days you play sports! Available for 1, 2 or 6 days of skiing, and for 1, 3, or 7 days or monthly for other sports.

  • Every sport in one place so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

  • As flexible as you are and with a bunch of services you can't even imagine.

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Health insurance

We take care of you and those who matter to you most.1

  • One annual medical check-up.

  • Up to €30,000 in medical assistance abroad!

  • Show off your smile with our comprehensive dental insurance.

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Dental insurance

A policy like this would make anyone smile!3

  • Free dental check-up.

  • Up to 49 different types of dental services at no additional cost.

  • More than 185 Adeslas dental clinics and 1600 professionals.

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To take out insurance, first you need to become an Infinity imaginer by opening an imaginBank bank account. Currently, travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, YOLO sports insurance and many others are available. We are working hard to offer you much more.

You can cancel a policy within the 30-day withdrawal period after the policy start date, or at the end of a policy's annual period.

Every policy is renewed automatically every year, unless either party objects. You don't have to do anything.

The numbers we make available so you can easily and quickly deal with any issues involving your policies are listed below:

  • Dental and Health insurance phone number (emergency services, questions, authorisations and reimbursements): 919191898
  • Health emergencies number: 932532671
  • Health assistance abroad: 917453280
  • Dental appointment: 919551900
  • Home assistance (assistance, claims and problems): 914894317

Yes, you can currently take out Yolo sports insurance by the day through our app, paying only for the days you need to use it.

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