Share expenses with your friends
using imagin&Split!

Calculate, share and settle accounts with your friends,
all from one app!

What is imagin&Split?

Forget the hassle of settling travel expenses, flat expenses, birthdays... Simply enter the costs in imagin&Split, allocate them and automatically calculate how much each person has to pay.

Pay your friends or ask them to pay you directly from imagin&Split with Bizum.

4 reasons you need
imagin&Split in your life

Who hasn't had trouble getting out their wallet to pay at the restaurant or the petrol station? Too soon to create a joint account with your new partner? imagin&Split is here to make your life easier so you don't overpay (or avoid paying...).

Sharing expenses is
easier than ever

Create a group in imagin&Split, add as many friends as you want (whether they use imagin or not), allocate expenses and each member is automatically assigned how much they have to pay.

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Pay your debts

If you're an imaginBank customer, settle your debts using Bizum.1 If you're an imaginer, pay your debts in cash without problems.

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No more hassles

Money will never again be a problem between you and your friends. Everyone will pay what they owe. With imagin&Split, you can split the costs equally among everyone or assign to each their corresponding part. Everyone pays, even the ones who always manage to weasel out of it!

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It's free

You just have to download the imagin app (you don't need an account), register, and create a cost-sharing group. Plus, as an imaginer, you get loads of advantages, including discounts on transport, travel and training.

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Getting started with imagin&Split is very easy

Sign up in the imagin app.

Go to the "Payments" section of the menu.

Select imagin&Split and create a group, or join an existing one.

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imagin&Split is a section of the app where you can share expenses and settle up with your friends. Dinners, birthdays, travel... Enter each participant's expenses, and we'll tell you how much each person owes. No more fuss!

There are several ways to join an imagin&Split group:

  • Via link. A group user can share a link that you can use to join the group directly.
  • Via access code. A group user can share a code providing direct access to the group.
  • Using a contact list. A group user can add you from their contacts.
  • Via phone. A group user can manually add your phone number.

If you're an imagin customer, you can pay your imagin&Split debts comfortably with Bizum without any fees. Remember that your friend must be registered with Bizum before they can receive the money.

More information here.

You can invite all your friends who want to join imagin. For every friend you bring, we will plant trees. Because for us, the most important thing is you and looking after the environment.

You can see all our environmental initiatives here.

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