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The thing about breakdowns is that they happen when you least expect them. So don't miss a thing just because your car has a flat or some other problem, and protect yourself against the unexpected!

With our MyBox Auto insurance 1
it's nothing but advantages

Roadside assistance 24h/7 from km 0

Damage to
own vehicle

Your choice of repair shop

Including official brand outlets. With special benefits at select repair shops.

and theft



And much more exclusive coverage.

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MyBox Auto commitments

And exclusively, with MyBox, we commit 2 to offering the best service. MyBox Auto now offers the possibility of insuring motorcycles and vans for private use.

Passenger cars

  • Free 20-point safety check. 3

  • Roadside assistance within <60 minutes. 4

  • Express damage assessment in 24 h. 5

  • Direct repair authorisation. 6

  • Express repair in 72 h. 7

  • Compensation payment in 48 h. 8

Motorbikes and vans

  • Roadside assistance within <60 minutes. 4

  • Express damage assessment in 24 h. 5

  • Compensation payment in 48 h. 8

In the event of non-compliance with these commitments, except for the "Free 20-point vehicle safety check" (Passenger cars), customers will have the right to request financial compensation of €2009

More information on modalities

Protect yourself on the road and enjoy driving.

third parties**
with windows
Third parties***
Civil liability Sí Sí Sí Sí
Own damage Sí No No No
Theft Sí Sí No No
Fire Sí Sí No No
Windscreen**** Sí Sí Sí No
Driver accidents Sí Sí Sí Sí
Criminal defence and claims for damages Sí Sí Sí Sí
Management of fines and loss of points Sí Sí Sí No
Travel assistance Sí Sí Sí Sí
Weather phenomena Sí Sí No No
Collision with wild animals Sí Sí Sí Sí

* No excess or excess of €200, €300 or €600, depending on the type and age of the vehicle.
** For motorcycles and mopeds, an excess of €300 is applied for theft and fire.
*** Third Party Modality only available for motorcycles and mopeds.
**** Windows included in cars and vans.

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Warranties for electric vehicles

MyBox Auto will include specific warranties for electric vehicles as well as travel assistance in case of battery failure.

  Comprehensive Extended
with windows
Civil liability for damage or fire to third-party recharging facilities or for damage to third parties in case of fire during recharging Sí Sí Sí
Civil liability arising from the use of the recharging tower installed in the insured party's home or car park Sí Sí Sí
Recharging cable and adapter device* Sí Sí No
Battery** Sí Sí No
Travel assistance in the event of battery failure from km 0. On-site recharging, where possible, or towing to the nearest recharging point, including on unsuitable roads Sí Sí Sí
0- or ECO-labelled replacement vehicle (subject to availability)

With optional extension of coverage

With optional extension of coverage

With optional extension of coverage

* Damage caused by damage to property, fire and/or theft of cable and recharging adapter device is included without limit if it is standard and up to €1,500 if it is a different one.
** Damage caused by damage to the property, fire and/or theft is included, but replacement due to failure is not included.

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Take out the policy in just 3 steps

Open an account or open the imagin app and in the Insurance section, select Auto Insurance.

Tap the "Request free call" button.

Enter the time you want us to call you and press "Request call". We will contact you at the time specified.


En la app imagin, accede al apartado de Seguros desde el menú, ahí podrás ver todas las ventajas y coberturas del seguro, además de acceder a la contratación. 

In the imagin app, access the Insurance section from the menu, where you can see all the advantages and coverage of the insurance, as well as how to take out the policy.

Yes, when you own a vehicle you are obliged by law to take out insurance that covers, at least, your Civil Liability. As a minimum, you must take out the basic third party coverage as it includes this coverage. You should also keep in mind that driving with an uninsured car implies penalties with a fine.

Yes, you have free choice of workshop, including that of your brand dealership. You will also get access to special advantages in collaborating workshop.

Although it's a good option if you have a new vehicle, since in the event of a claim, theft or total fire, most insurers pay compensation for the new value of the vehicle. But over time this value depreciates, so it is a good idea to consider other options to save on your insurance.

Access the Insurance section from the menu in the app, where you can consult your car insurance and see the phone number you have to contact for any management related to your insurance.

There are insurance policies that include your car and motorbike or van, such as our MyBox Auto Insurance.

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