MyMonz, the new service in the app
to organise your expenses

Keep track of your costs and label your income
and expenses with emojis. 1

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A new, more convenient and fun way to organise
your expenses and check your activity

Tag each expense or income with an emoji depending on your mood, track them on a single calendar and get a highly visual summary at the end of the month.

React to your purchases with emoticons!

Label your activity
with emoticons

  • Quickly tag expenses and income with

  • Filter your activity by categories and

  • You decide whether to label your finances or not.


  • Track your month in a fun and simple way by just looking at the calendar

  • Check the details of your expenses and income whenever you need to.

Monthly summary

  • Get a summary of your activity every

  • Get information that is unique and customised
    for you.

How can I access

Log into the imagin app, or download it if you don’t have it

Go into MyMonz
on the home screen.

Download our app

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