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The value of the investment is subject to market fluctuations; therefore, there is a possibility of incurring losses. Past returns are not a guarantee of future results.

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Take the MIFID test. Answer the questions about your financial experience and your investing knowledge and goals.

What is MiFID?

The Market in Financial Instruments Directive is a European guideline that all investment firms must follow and that is designed to protect investors, mainly retailers (like you). This way, companies that adhere to it guarantee that their customers do not invest in assets that are not suitable or convenient for their profile.


To start investing in this type of fund, you will need a broker to advise you.

In this case, imaginBank offers an extensive team of professionals and tools whose goal is to find the fund that best suits your needs and objectives, as well as how much risk you want to take, because yes, all investments have their risks.

Given the variety of funds, you will have to set goals for yourself (short or long term) and decide how much risk you are willing to accept before selecting which fund is right for you. And, most importantly: you should know what your values are in order to identify the fund that most shares your vision.

Investment funds are CIIs (collective investment institutions). They consist of equity created by the contributions made by a group of investors who invest their capital in the equities markets stipulated for each fund and share the profits or losses in proportion to their ownership.

There are funds in which you can start investing with as little as €1, so our professionals can invest based on your needs (term and risk you have chosen).

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