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Enjoy the freedom to pay as you choose.

In the imagin app you will find many mobile payment alternatives: Bizum, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay and FitBit Pay to pay with your smartphone or smartwatch... Discover them all in the imagin app and choose the one that best suits you.

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Free cards, no issue or maintenance fee.

Always protected with the security of CaixaBank Protect.

Withdraw cash for free from any CaixaBank ATM.

Control your payments from the imagin app.

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If you're using a physical card, choose the card that best suits you. All our cards are 100% free, with no issue or maintenance fees.

You will also be using our CO2 neutral cards.

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If your smartphone has become your 3rd hand, use mobile payment with ApplePay or Android Pay. You'll have all the imagin cards on your mobile.

Now you'll have an excuse to leave your wallet at home!

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If you have a FitBit, a Garmin or a Samsung, download your imagin cards to your smartwatch and pay easily with your watch.

We already offer FitBit Pay, Garmin Pay and Samsung Pay.

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Send money with Bizum 2

Forget about long account numbers! Use Bizum and send money to your contact list or by using a mobile phone number. Your money will be sent immediately.

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Forget debts with your friends with imagin&Split

Go to imagin’s app, create a group with your friends using imagin&Split to start sharing expenses with them.

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After enabling NFC technology, choose the payment card and click "Add" in the Wallet section; the customer must choose between the Mobile Payment option or Samsung Pay depending on the payment system they want to use: imagin pay or Samsung pay.

Depending on the system chosen, to enable mobile payment, the customer will only have to follow the steps indicated on the subsequent screens.

After enabling NFC technology, choose the payment card and click "Add" in the Wallet section; the customer just has to select "Add to Apple Wallet" and follow the instructions shown on the screen to enable payment.

Yes: customers can now download imagin cards onto their watch and pay comfortably through this device. We currently offer: FitBit Pay, Garmin Pay and Samsung Pay.

It is very easy to withdraw money with a code!
Go to the 'Payments' section in the imagin app and click on the 'Withdraw money with code' option. Next, follow these steps:

  • Send the code request and state the amount and the reason for payment.
  • You will receive an SMS with a code.
  • With the code, go to a CaixaBank ATM, tap the screen to select the operation and enter the code received by SMS and your phone number.
  • Withdraw the money from the ATM.

Remember the codes expire at 12:59 of the day after they are sent

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