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Paying with your mobile phone has never been so easy

Mobile payment Mobile payment

In the imagin app you will find many mobile payment alternatives: Bizum, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, pay with your smartphone or smartwatch... Discover them all in the imagin app and choose the one that best suits you.

payment imagin card

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If you're using a physical card, choose the card that best suits you. All our cards are 100% free, with no issue or maintenance fees. You will also be using our CO2 neutral cards.

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payment mobile smartphone

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If your smartphone has become your 3rd hand, use mobile payment with ApplePay or Android Pay. You'll have all the imagin cards on your mobile. Now you'll have an excuse to leave your wallet at home!

pay smartwatch

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If you have a FitBit, a Garmin or a Samsung, download your imagin cards to your smartwatch and pay easily with your watch. We already offer FitBit Pay, GarminPay and SamsungPay.

Bizum Payment

And always with Bizum1

Forget about long account numbers. Use Bizum! Send money to your contact list or by using a mobile phone number, and your money will be sent immediately. It's as simple as that.

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With imagin&Split, forget debts with your friends...

Go to imagin’s app, create a group with your friends using imagin&Split to start sharing expenses with them.

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