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Block and unblock cards with just a tap 100% on the app.

We send you notifications of your card transactions.

Request a refund of your purchases 100% from the app.

Pay in any currency worldwide without fees.

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Your purchases will be debited to your account instantly and you will be taking care of the planet because it is made with 100% recycled plastic.

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You can view your card PIN from the imagin app. In the "Wallet" section, tap the card whose PIN you wish to view. On the next screen tap on the “My cards” button and from there tap on “See PIN”. More info here.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you can enable pay by phone from the imagin app by heading to the "Wallet" section and choosing the card you want to enable. See more info here.

To cancel a transaction made with a card, go to the "Wallet" section of the app, find the card related to the transaction, select the transaction you wish to cancel, and initiate the refund process by tapping on "Request refund".

If you prefer, you can block the card directly from within the imagin app (we explain how).

In case of fraud or theft, you will need a police report.

To block your card, open the app, go to "Wallet", select the card you want to block and tap "Block card".

You can choose whether to block it temporarily or permanently. You can also ask for a replacement card. View more information here.

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