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We take care of you and those you care most about.

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Why do you need our
health insurance? 1

  • One check-up a year, completely free!

  • Travel insurance abroad up to €30,000!

  • Show off your smile with our Comprehensive Dental Insurance.

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One policy,
lots of coverage

Treat yourself to the best protection with the extensive coverage of our health insurance.

Medical consultations

Hospital care

Outpatient and hospital emergencies

High-tech diagnostic methods

Dental care

Second medical opinion

Pharmacy and speech therapy reimbursements*

* Reimbursement for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, podiatry, outpatient pharmacy, speech therapy and phoniatrics. Service commitments, authorisations and reimbursements.

What services will you get?

Digital healthcare services

  • Lifestyle and health self-assessment questionnaire and personalised recommendations for each customer.

  • Plans to get into new and healthy habits.

  • Personal health coach.

  • Health Blog written by medical professionals.

  • Group health commitments and challenges.

  • Points redeemable for healthy gifts and experiences.

Remote digital services

  • Video consultation with your Adeslas doctor. 1

  • Medical guidance chat on topics related to your health.

  • 24-hour medical guidance helplines.

  • Online authorisations and reimbursements for medical and diagnostic tests.

  • Private electronic prescription: After your consultation with your doctor, you will receive a code by email that will let you purchase the medicines prescribed by the specialist at any pharmacy.

Take out the policy in just 3 steps

Open an account or open the imagin app and in the Insurance section, select Health Insurance.

Tap the "Request free call" button.

Enter the time you want us to call you and press "Request call". We will contact you at the time specified.


The start date will begin as agreed between the buyer and the insurance company. The end date will be specified in the contract.

The premium won't increase at all during the first three years of the policy. The first renewal with an increase in the premium will take place at the end of the third year, and an actuarial increase will be applied to the fourth year.
The only automatic discounts or increases that may alter the initial premium will be those involving the number of insured persons if any are added during this period.

During the first three years, the monthly payment period is mandatory. For the fourth year of the policy, the customer can choose any payment period (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual).

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