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What is the student loan?

Education, training and the development of professional skills are the foundation for a better future. The Skills & Education loan makes it easy for you to pay for the registration and other expenses related to your studies (materials, housing, transport, etc.), so all you have to worry about is studying.

It also gives you a grace period where you pay only interest at the start of the loan, provided this grace period ends no later than 12 months after you complete your studies. We finance you; there's no need for a guarantee.

This loan is perfect
if you're thinking of:

Studying for an advanced
vocational degree

Studying for an undergraduate, graduate or PhD degree

Taking courses on digital skills
and professional training

What are the benefits for you?

  • You don't need a guarantee.

  • Up to a 54-month grace period on the principal. 3

  • Repay your loan between 12 and 72 months. 1

  • The amount is between €2,000 and €30,000. 1

  • The financing is up to 100 %4

  • Fixed interest rate.

  • No commitment fee. 2

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How can I take out the loan?

Choose the Study Loan from here or in the products section of the app.

Select the amount you want to finance.

Set the number of months to repay the loan.

Confirm the loan terms.

Confirm the loan payments.

Do you have any questions?

Loan aimed at residents of Spain who are of legal age and are interested in financing their studies or training to improve their employability.

You can finance both your tuition and other study-related expenses.

  • Advanced vocational training

  • Undergraduate, graduate and PhD degree

  • Courses on digital skills and professional training

Studies can be financed both in Spain and in any of the 27 Member States of the European Union and third countries affiliated with the programme (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia).

View list of permitted countries at this link:

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