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IRN: 7138-2024/17317

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You skip publi ads,
but on the imagin loans you don't.

There is a customized loan for you, request it from the app. 11IRN: 6548-2024/17317

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Bresh Madrid at Fabrik on 09/28

Pre-sale tickets available until 07/25. Exclusively for imagin clients.

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IRN: 22657-2023-00262

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We are the digital bank for those who earn up to €500 for coming to imagin

Do you want to know how? Very easy:

  • Download the imagin app and create your user.

  • Verify your identity with your identification document to open your imaginBank account.

  • Bring your payroll 5 and get up to €2504

  • Invite your friends to open an imagin account and get up to €2506

Much more than an app to manage your money

Everything designed to make your life easier.

We don't have any fees!

Pay, send or receive money at no extra cost with our accounts and cards 2 no issuance or maintenance fees costs.

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Pay however you like and control your money

Use Bizum or pay with your mobile phone, and you keep track of everything from the same app.

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A wide range of services for you

Loans, mortgages, savings, investment... Plus discounts on leisure and special prices. 3


Cards for your daily life and for traveling

Discover the characteristics of our cards that will make them your best allies.

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And with a positive impact for the planet!

Join a community committed to the oceans, forests, people and much more.

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Whatever you are, we have what you need

At imaginBank, we want to make everything easy, so no matter what you're looking for, we have the best option for you.

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No maintenance fees. 1

Account for young people

Teen account for under-18s.

Account for kids

A fun way to learn and save.

All these products are waiting for you
in the imagin app

Cards 2

If you are going to pay, do it in style and with many advantages!

Loans 10

If it matters to you, we have a loan for it here.

Insurances 8

When you don't have to worry, you enjoy everything a little more!

Mortgages 9

Don't let money stand in the way of your dreams.


Grow your savings with total peace of mind.


Discover our brochure of shares, portfolios and investment funds..

A shared mission...
Generating a positive impact

An attitude, a commitment, our responsibility
to the planet... all that and more is #imaginPlanet.

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What a garden... of coral!

Discover our Mediterranean orange coral marine restoration project and how you can help protect it.

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imaginPlanet Challenge | The 4th edition kicks off!

Create a sustainable entrepreneurship project and cross the pond to take it to Silicon Valley! We are waiting for you.

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Impact Report 2023

Check out our 2023 Impact Report and discover all the impact we've made together.

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imagin SeaBin

We have already installed 9 SeaBins that have cleaned more than 4.5 tonnes of plastics and waste in over a year. Learn more about this innovative project.

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We are BCorp

We have held the BCorp certification since 2020 as part of this movement and as a company with good social, environmental and corporate practices.

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Get up to €250 inviting your friends!

Up to a maximum of 20,000 rewards.

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Just by being who you are, you have all this for yourself

Experience an app full of discounts, music content and a shop with the latest technology!

Bresh Parties 2024

Discover all the advantages of the Bresh parties that we participate in.

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Boombastic Festival 2024

We will be at the Boombastic festivals in 2024. Pay attention to all the advantages for imagin customers in our app.

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on what you like

Check out our partners and the discounts that are available in our app.

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A single shop

The best technology with no interest or fees (0.0% APR9, with free express delivery and returns. 9

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And music
to have on repeat

Exclusive deals, concerts and music content for being an imagin customer? Yes, yes and yes!

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