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The value of the investment is subject to market fluctuations; therefore, there is a possibility of incurring losses. Past returns are not a guarantee of future results.

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You answer some questions and your portfolio will manage everything for you.

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Your wallet is automated and fits the market movements.

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Fixed annual fee of 0.73 % VAT included of your average portfolio balance. 2

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Manage everything from the same app.

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How do I open a portfolio?

We make it easy to choose a portfolio that is right for you.

imagin invest app

Go to imagin&Invest and decide how much to invest (€500 minimum).

Find a product that's right for you by taking the MiFID test.

Choose one of our recommended portfolios.

Track your investments 100 % from the app.

How can I take out my money?

You can sell or buy whenever you like, but remember that withdrawing the money before the recommended date increases the risk of losing capital. You can withdraw all or part of your investment in the portfolio.

What is MiFID?

The Market in Financial Instruments Directive is a European guideline that all investment firms must follow and that is designed to protect investors, mainly retailers (like you). This way, companies that adhere to it guarantee that their customers do not invest in assets that are not suitable or convenient for their profile.


It's a discretional portfolio management service in which a digital investment adviser will offer you the portfolio that is right for you based on your knowledge, experience and investing profile.

To find the imagin&invest portfolios, take the following menu tree: "Products" "MyMoney" "Invest" "imagin&Invest".

Yes, you can add money to your portfolio whenever you want. If the amount you want to add exceeds the maximum investment amount you had set, you can answer a few questions to raise it, or lower the amount of the contribution to avoid reaching the maximum.

The tests are used to protect customers, since MiFID II regulates whether retail customers have sufficient experience and/or knowledge to understand the characteristics and risks associated with trading in investment funds.

There is a control panel that gives you complete access to your portfolio so that you can track your investment at any time, where you can decide whether to add more money, cash in all or part of your investment, get information on how your assets are trending, your estimated returns and the funds that make up your portfolio.

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