Travel insurance

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From €1.40 a day. 1

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Why do you need our
travel insurance?

We take care of you anywhere in the world.
Key coverage:

Medical care
up to €50,000.*

Cancellation costs
up to €1,500 with additional coverage.

Loss of luggage,
tracing or compensation up to €300.

Repatriation and medical transfer.


* You can tailor your cover according to the country you are travelling to: medical expenses, pharmaceuticals, hospitalisation, etc., emergency dental expenses abroad, subsistence expenses for the hospitalised insured person's companion, remote medical consultation or advice, and others.

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Furthermore, if you travel with company...

There may be several insured persons in the same policy

So only one of you needs to take out the insurance to be covered for everyone (with a maximum of 10 people).

The maximum period that can be insured is 180 days.

What other coverages
can we offer you? 2

Coverage for ski enthusiasts, which covers:

  • The cost of crutches due to an accident during skiing: €150.

  • Cost of evacuation from the ski slope (slope rescue): €2,000.

  • Refund of unused ski pass and ski material hire: €300.

  • Refund of ambulance expenses: €600

Take out the policy in just 3 steps

Open an account, or if you are already a customer, go to the Insurance section of our app and select Travel Insurance.

Choose where you want to travel and fill in the details.

Read the documents, sign them, and take out your insurance, 100% online.


Access your imagin account in the app, and click on Products > Insurance > You will be able to see, there you will be able to see the query for your travel insurance and see the telephone number with which you have to contact for any management related to your insurance.

From the app, click on the Mailbox icon > Contracts. In this section you can view all the documents relating to your insurance policies.

Access your imagin account in the app, and click on Products > Insurance > You will be able to see all the advantages, coverage and contract your insurance quickly.

You can contact us through the Travel Assistance telephone number: 91 831 51 32 or from the app at: Products > Insurance > you will be able to see the details of your travel insurance.

Each travel insurance policy is different, so you will have to choose the type that best suits you depending on your destination. At imagin, we offer three types: Travel in Spain and Andorra, Europe, and the rest of the world.

To use your insurance, you must take it out 24 hours before the start of your trip.

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