Information required by M.O. ECC/2316/2015: Account

CaixaBank is part of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Credit Institutions provided for in Royal Decree 16/2011 of 14th October 2011. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per depositor with each bank.


This number indicates the risk of the product, where 1/6 is the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

At imagin,
we are what we do.

We are not a bank like you imagine it.

We are much more than that.

Download the app to find out more.

With the imagin app, you can access a world of benefits just for you: Accounts without fees1, cards without issuance or maintenance fees2, savings and financing solutions.3 As well as exclusive discounts, charitable and environmental activities and much more.

It's a win-win

Things like these are waiting for you in our app.

Account with no maintenance fees1 (AER 0%).

Debit and credit cards with no issuance or maintenance fees.2 And also with 100% recyclable materials!

Withdraw cash for free width your debit card at more than 13,000 CaixaBank ATMs.

The latest technology with or without financing.

Pay for your purchases over 2 months free-of-charge (0% AER)4 with your MyCard. Until 30/09/2022.

Instant payments with Bizum.5

We are an app full of essentials.

Convenient, easy, intuitive, sustainable and generous.
That's the imagin app.

We are committed
to the planet and its people.

This is shown by the hundreds of sustainable and supportive
initiatives we have launched with imaginPlanet.

88,000 trees planted

100 tonnes of CO2 offset

1 tonne of plastics collected

8,000 digital volunteers


As well as our
Bcorp Certified seal!

It is the only certification which measures companies' social and environmental performance.

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