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CaixaBank is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum guaranteed amount is 100,000 euros per account holder.


This number indicates the risk of the product, where 1/6 is the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

We are the digital bank
for those who earn up to €400 for:

+250€ when you invite your friends, +€150 when you bring your payroll


2 out of 3 people will pass on this promotion

Join imagin and get up to €400

We are the digital bank for those earn up to €400 for coming to imagin

Do you want to know how? Very easy:

  • Download the imagin app and create your user.

  • Verify your identity with your identification document to open your imaginBank account.

  • Bring your payroll 4and get up to €1503

  • Invite your friends to open an imagin account and get up to €2505

And you can win too
up to €250 inviting your friends!

Up to a maximum of 20,000 rewards.

What do I have to do?

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We are the digital bank for those who do not
pay fees for their account and cards

Account 1 with no maintenance fees.

Free card 2 with no issuance or maintenance fees.

Take up to €150 3 for bringing your payroll4

Withdraw cash for free with your debit card at more than 13,000 CaixaBank ATMs.

Your account is now your account.
Share it with up to 5 people!

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Discover the cards that make things easy for you.

Mobile payments

Pay quickly and easily from your mobile or smartwatch.


Instant payments at any bank with no fees.

Organise your expenses

Your day-to-day under control in a more comfortable and fun way.

We are the digital banking provider
for those who worry about our planet

Learn about our marine restoration project for the recovery of orange coral in the Mediterranean Sea.

Other initiatives

Impact Report 2023

Check out our 2023 Impact Report and discover all the impact we've made together.

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imaginPlanet Challenge | The 4th edition kicks off!

Create a sustainable entrepreneurship project and cross the pond to take it to Silicon Valley! We are waiting for you.

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What a garden... of coral!

Discover our Mediterranean orange coral marine restoration project and how you can help protect it.

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imagin SeaBin

We have already installed 9 SeaBins that have cleaned more than 4.5 tonnes of plastics and waste in over a year. Learn more about this innovative project.

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We are BCorp

We have held the BCorp certification since 2020 as part of this movement and as a company with good social, environmental and corporate practices.

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If you care about it, we have a loan for it.


Enjoy the peace of mind of insuring what you care about.


Forget everything you knew about mortgages.

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The latest technology is waiting for you in our app!

We are what we do

We go above and beyond the standards that certify us as a company with good social, environmental and corporate practices.

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