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Our initiative to clean up the oceans

imagin SeaBin imagin SeaBin

At imagin, we are committed to protecting the environment and helping to preserve the planet. This is why we are supporting an innovative ocean-cleaning technology known as the Seabin.

What is imagin Seabin?

The Seabin is a floating rubbish bin made of 100% recycled materials.

It sucks debris and plastics out of the water and into a catch-bag. Seabins help to clean the seas and oceans of plastic waste, floating debris and microfibres.


Each Seabin catches an estimated 1.4 tons of marine debris and more than 300,000 plastic items per yea.

And all for a running cost of less than €1 per day. Seabins are powered by electricity, but they are efficient and cheap, and can hold up to 20 kg of waste, micro plastics, micro fibres and even fuel.

90.000 bags

35.700 glasses

16.500 botles

166.500 utensils

Team work

• Marinas and port ecosystems have a big impact on marine life. This is why we are planning to install Seabins in various ports in Spain.
• Marina and port staff will regularly empty the bins, weigh the marine debris collected, classify it according to its composition and recycle it. The aim is to monitor the impact of debris on the sea and ocean and find the most suitable places to install the bins.
• Information points will be set up at each Seabin installation point with a view to raising awareness among the public about the urgent need to protect the seas and oceans from pollution.

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