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Castile and León Youth Card

Enjoy discounts and unique experiences

Youth Card in Castile and León Youth Card in Castile and León

All in a single card

The Youth Card offers you discounts on sports and cultural activities, training, transport and leisure activities you can enjoy every day. You can use them in any Autonomous Community as well as most European countries.

You'll also get all the perks you get from being part of the imagin community: TOP experiences and features.

Shop with total freedom.

Valid throughout Europe.

And lots more advantages, discounts and experiences.

Discover all the Youth Card's advantages

Over 60,000 discounts

for shops, cultural and sports activities, transport, travel and more.

Courses and scholarships

and student scholarships.


The Youth Card offers a number of useful and exciting advantages:

  • You can enjoy more than 60,000 discounts for shops, cultural and sports activities, transport, travel and more throughout Spain and Europe.
  • Free international travel assistance insurance.
  • Courses abroad and student scholarships.
  • And if you request the financial version, you'll get access to imagin features such as Bizum, imagin&Split, Challenges, etc.

To get your Youth Card (whether you're registering for the first time or renewing) you need to go to a CaixaBank branch with your DNI or NIE.

In Castile and León you can request the debit card version from the age of 14 and the credit card version from 18.

Be between 14 and 30 years, inclusive. You must request the card at any CaixaBank branch with your national ID or foreign resident ID number. Whether you're a Spanish or foreign national, you must go to an issuing branch in your autonomous community and it will be essential to indicate a postal address in the autonomous community, as if not, the management system will not allow the request.

The Community of Castile and León Youth Card is free.

To get your Youth Card discounts, you should visit the Castile and León’s webside, Clik here.

  • Debit version (from 14 to 30 years old):
    This is the ideal card for instant payments. Your limit is the amount you have in your account.
  • Credit version (from 18 to 30 years old):
    This card is useful for buying everything you need and paying for it conveniently at the end of the month.
  • MyCard version (from 18 to 30 years old):
    This is the perfect card to travel around the world. In addition, you pay for your purchases comfortably 2 days after making them.

The main guarantees covered by our free international travel assistance insurance are:

  • Medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation fees abroad.
  • Emergency dental expenses.
  • Baggage delay.
  • Early return due to a serious accident.
  • Private civil liability during your trip.
  • Etc.

If you'd like more information, you can see the policy here or contact our assistance service at the following number: 935 829 274

In all entities in your Autonomous Community that collaborate with the Carné Joven. Collaborating establishments display a sticker informing users that they offer Carnet Joven discounts. In some cases they may not have this sticker, but to make sure, you can always check all the discounts on the website or the app of your Autonomous Community. You can also enjoy the various benefits of the Carné Joven in any Autonomous Community and asmost European countries, with more than 60,000 discounts in different areas.

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