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* The risk ranges from 1 to 5 and you will only be offered products with a risk equal to or lower than the risk you want to take.

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imagin&invest is a discretionary portfolio management service in which a digital investment advisor will offer you the portfolio most suited to you based on your knowledge, experience and investment profile.

In the imagin app.

Answer a few questions that the digital advisor will ask you, such as how much you want to invest and the risk you are willing to take. Let us recommend the best portfolio for you. Sign up and track your portfolios in imagin. This service is available through the app.

You can invest as little as €500. There is no maximum investment amount.

Yes, from the portfolio menu by selecting the option Withdraw money, customers will be able to initiate the redemption of their portfolio. Partial redemptions are not allowed, you must withdraw the full amount of your investment.

Withdrawing your investment before the recommended time horizon increases the risk of losing capital.

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