Pay with Bizum with imagin

Send and receive money instantly and without fees


1. Access Bizum from the imagin app and activate it

Enter your personal information.
Select the account into which you want to receive the money.
Enter the code you will receive on your mobile. All done!
If you already have a Bizum account, you can also bring your account to imagin.



2. Enter the mobile number and the amount

Forget about long numbers like the IBAN. In the app, go to "Payments" and search for the option "Start using Bizum". Select the recipient in your contact list or enter their mobile number. Then enter the amount.



3. Click on send and do a Bizum!

If the recipient is already a Bizum user, once the money is sent, they will receive the money in seconds. If they do not use Bizum, they will receive an SMS with instructions on how to receive the money quickly and easily.



You are ready!


You can also use Bizum to: