Up to €150 for depositing your paycheck?

The Catalonia Youth Card now on your mobile

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Forget the physical format of the Youth Card and renew it in the digital format from the imagin app. Switch to digital format. Better for you and the planet!

You can activate it now in the Wallet section of the imagin app and download it to your mobile phone.

Activate it in 3 steps!

Log in to the imagin app.

Click on the renewal notice or access it from the Wallet section.

Follow the instructions and activate your new card in virtual format.

Once the virtual card is activated, your expired card will be cancelled.
The PIN is the same as before. If you can't remember it, ask at one of our branches.

Remember to update your new card details on the websites where you have registered it (subscriptions, e-commerce, etc...).

How can I make purchases with my phone?

Garmin Pay

Fitbit Pay

Samsung Pay

Apple Pay

imagin Pay

Once you activate your card, download the "Carnet Jove CAT" app to continue enjoying all the benefits and discounts on offer.

Then, log in and register so your digital Youth Card will be activated and ready to use the over 8,000 benefits and discounts available from your phone.

Discover all the Youth Card's advantages

More than 8,000 benefits

in Catalonia in culture, tourism, training, sport, health, technology, leisure...

More than 60,000 benefits

in over 30 countries in Europe.

Courses and scholarships

Enjoy the scholarships, as well as unique events and experiences.

Remember that you can make a difference

With the new virtual Youth Card, you can help us with our commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change.

Thank you for helping us take care of the planet.

You also get all of imagin's TOP features


Immediate payments to any bank without fees.


Financial calculator to split expenses with friends.


Activities, events
and much more.


Discover our environmental initiatives.

Thousands and thousands of benefits, in your pocket!

Enjoy everything the Youth Card has to offer,
now from your phone.

Shop with total freedom.

Fully secure purchases with CaixaBankProtect®.

Valid throughout Europe.

We are what we do

We go above and beyond the standards that certify us as a company with good social, environmental and corporate practices.

Activate your Youth Card in the imagin app

Scan the QR code and download the app

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