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At imagin, we are what we do

That's why we're as green as the planet
and blue like its oceans.

And our colours already connect over
4 million people

imagin Green

Green like the forests we protect

Because we have planted more than 300,000 trees, offsetting over 300 tonnes* of CO2 (equivalent to 2,000 flights from Madrid to Barcelona).

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imagin Blue

Blue like the oceans we care for

Because we have taken enough plastic out of the sea thanks to Seabins and Gravity Wave to offset 21 tonnes* of CO2 (the same as 150 trips to Greece).

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What colour do you see in us?

Join us and help us change
the world little by little

digital volunteers

hours of social transformation

This is all we have
achieved together

Y cambia también
tus hábitos

Calcula tu huella de CO2 y descubre consejos para poder reducirla.

Let's go!

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We are what we do

We go above and beyond the standards that certify us as a company with good social, environmental and corporate practices.

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