New security requirements for online purchases

If you shop online, you will need to use the imagin app to authorize your purchases

The European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has introduced new security requirements for making online purchases.


As a result, starting in November, you will have to confirm your identity to authorize your online purchases; you can do this through the imagin app.

Follow these steps to authorise your purchases
on your mobile device using the imagin app

If you do not have the imagin app, you can download it here

Check that notifications are enabled via the following menu path:

Notifications must be enabled in order to receive notifications on your mobile device that will help you to authorize your purchases.



Manage notifications

Recommendations to strengthen the security of your payment methods

It is essential that your mobile phone number and email address are up to date. These are the means by which we will communicate with you in the event that we detect any incident that may affect your security. You can update your details on the imagin app, in Settings > My profile.

And remember, if you notice a suspicious transaction on any of your cards, you can limit the functions of your cards yourself, limiting withdrawals at ATMs or online purchases and temporarily blocking your cards quickly and easily.




Not all purchases will require authorisation.