How you buy online is changing:
your security is the most important thing

The European Payment Services Directive is enhancing the security of online purchases

To make your online purchases, you must authorise purchases through imaginTeens



To authorise your purchase using your phone, you need to:




1. Have the imaginTeens app downloaded on your mobile device

2. Enter using your username and password. Do you have the password for your imaginTeens account?

- If you do, move on to the next step.
- But if you need to recover them, open the imaginTeens app and click on "Can't log in?". Then enter your national ID number without the letter as the username, and have your card number to hand.

3. Enable notifications

Notifications must be enabled in order to receive notifications and authorises purchases on your mobile device:

Settings > Notifications > Enable

Make sure they are also enabled in the imaginTeens app.

Profile > Settings > Notifications > Enable

If you already have the app installed on your phone and notifications enabled,
you can authorise your purchases using the following steps: