Sharing expenses with your friends has never been easier with imagin&Split

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What is imagin&Split?

Forget the hassle of keeping track of travel, flatmates, birthdays... Simply enter the expenses in imagin&Split, allocate them and automatically calculate how much each person has to pay.

Better known as the "Anti-debt collector"

5 reasons you need imagin&Split in your life

Who hasn't had trouble getting out their wallet to pay at the restaurant or the petrol station? Too early to create a joint account with your new partner? imagin&Split is here to make your life easier so that you don't overpay (or avoid paying...).


1. Keeping track of who owes what has never been easier

Create a group in imagin&Split, add as many friends as you want (whether they are from imagin or not), allocate expenses and each member is automatically assigned how much they have to pay.


2. No more hassles with money

Money will never be a problem among you and your friends. Everyone pays what they owe. You can split the costs equally between all of you or according to what each person owes. Even those who always dodge the bill will have to pay!


3. It's free

Just download the imagin app, log in as an imaginer (we only need your name, email and phone number) and create your cost-sharing group. In addition, as an imaginer, you will get loads of advantages, including discounts on transport, travel and training.

Pay your debts instantly

4. Pay your debts instantly

If you are an imaginBank customer, settle your debts using Bizum*. If you are an imaginer, pay your debts in cash without problems.

Using imagin&Split is very easy

Our commitment to the Planet is real

We are now Bcorp Certified!