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Information required by M.O. ECC/2316/2015: Account

CaixaBank is part of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Credit Institutions provided for in Royal Decree 16/2011 of 14th October 2011. The maximum amount guaranteed is €100,000 per depositor with each bank.


This number indicates the risk of the product, where 1/6 is the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

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Your 100% digital account with no fees 1 or conditions

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Bring your salary!

Up to €150 6 for you
and joy for the ocean!

Bring your salary 7 to imagin and protect 60,000 Mediterranean corals. 8

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Digital banking with no fees 1 or restrictions.

We don't have any fees!

Pay, send or receive money at no extra cost with our accounts and cards. 2

Pay however you like and control your money

Use Bizum or pay with your mobile phone, and you keep track of everything from the same app..

A wide range of services for you

Loans, mortgages, savings, investment... Plus discounts on leisure and special prices. 3

And with a positive impact for the planet!

Join a community committed to the oceans, forests, people and much more.

A shared mission...Generating a positive impact

An attitude, a commitment, our responsibility
to the planet... all that and more is #imaginPlanet.

What a garden... of coral!
Discover our Mediterranean orange coral marine restoration project and how you can help protect it.
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Unlock your marine NFT
Discover our collections of NFTs linked to our seas and oceans. Collect the unique NFTs made with digital illustrations inspired by how our oceans and their fauna will be if we continue to take care of them.
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imaginPlanet Challenge
Relive the Grand Final of the 3rd edition of the imaginPlanet Challenge and find out which project will go to Silicon Valley. We're already preparing the fourth edition!
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imagin SeaBin
We have already installed 9 SeaBins that have cleaned more than 4.5 tonnes of plastics and waste in over a year. Learn more about this innovative project.
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We are BCorp
We have held the BCorp certification since 2020 as part of this movement and as a company with good social, environmental and corporate practices.
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What colour do you see in our logo?
Green like the forests we protect, or blue like the oceans we look after? At imagin, we are what we do. Take a look at everything we have achieved together here.
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Personalised products and services

At imaginBank, we want to make everything easy, so no matter
what you're looking for, we have the best option for you.

For you or your children, but always with no fees.
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No maintenance fees. 1
Account for young people
Teen account for under-18s.
Account for kids
A fun way to learn and save.
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Get up to €150 and help the ocean.
Direct deposit your salary 7 with imagin
Get up to €150 6 and help the ocean.
If you are going to pay, do it in style and with the best conditions! 2
Perfect for travelling abroad.
imagin credit card
With this card, you set the pace!
LOS40 MyCard
Hit play on loads of advantages!
Youth Card
Discounts and advantages throughout Europe.
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If it matters to you, we have a loan for it here.
Find one to suit you!
Personal loan
An online loan that adapts to you.
Pre-approved loan
Apply for your loan without giving explanations!
Travel loan
Choose the amount you need for your next getaway.
Technology loan
That laptop you wanted... it's not so far away.
Study loan
Study what you want without thinking about money!
Loan to buy a car
Is it time for a new car or motorbike? This is for you.
Refurbishment loan
Renovate your house or move to another!
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When you don't have to worry, you enjoy everything a little more!
Discover our insurance policies and find the best one for you. 4
Health insurance
We take care of you and those who matter to you most.
Car insurance
Drive without worries and have fun behind the wheel.
Life insurance
Take care of your loved ones even when you are gone.
Home insurance
Relax, like you do at home!
Travel insurance
We take care of you when you go out to see the world!
Dental insurance
A policy like this would make anyone smile!
Mobile phone insurance
Your new drop-proof or theft-proof mobile phone.
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Don't let money stand in the way of your dreams.
Fixed-rate mortgage
Request it from the app and a specialist will help you with the process.
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The latest in technology and these conditions 6, just a click away? Try it for yourself!
imagin x Wivai 5
The best technology at amazing prices!

Enjoy unique benefits

Experience an app full of discounts, music content and a shop with the latest technology!

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Find the technology you are looking for, at an amazing price and pay for it in convenient instalments. 6

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An incredible app, it lets me carry out all the transactions I need without having to go to a bank.
It's a very convenient app that is dynamic and easy to use, and the service and help they provide is 10 out of 10.
I really like the way it is structured, the clarity of the transactions I make with my cards and the offers in the app.
It's one of the best banking apps! It has many settings and lets you see relevant information on your monthly expenses and income. Very easy and pleasant to use. I totally recommend it for everyone :)
A great experience thanks to the different ways to use this app, it gives you different ways to save and gives you many different options in the app, like purchases, investments and so on.
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